Maintenance of the tent

Maintenance of the tent

If you want to use long your camping equipment, then adequate maintenance. Tent cloth, for example, is rather vulnerable. In this article, you can read what you can do to keep your equipment in good condition.

Maintenance during use
Put the tent well. This fact has implications for the distribution of forces on the canvas and it can cause damage to cam eyes, zippers, windows, seams, pegging points and sticks. Walk controlled tension on the pegging point’s moment.
Keep the tent clean and remove stains quickly. The longer you mean wait, the harder it is still do that. This does not apply resin and bird droppings. Resin dry and gently scrape with a knife. Bird droppings also dry and gently brush off.

Create synthetic materials (canvas, windows, swallowing and splashguards) with lukewarm water or dedicated cleaners clean. Use with cotton cloth absolutely no soap or other detergents containing agents! That affects the water resistance.

Tent recreate repellent
To make cotton cloth local weather repellent are aerosols and bottles with pump control for sale. Unless the user specifies otherwise, these funds cannot used for synthetic material.

There are broadly two ways to the tent to get back repellent:

Put the tent and spray the impregnation with a high-pressure pump on the canvas. You can also use a sponge or a brush for that, but that is in large tents very laborious.
Dip the tent in a tub or basin that is fill with a water-repellent composition mixed with water. Then put the tent yet to dry.
There are also impregnating color for sale, but that is only useful if you want to refresh some old color. For (coated) synthetic fabric are aerosol cans for sale, but the result leaves much to be desired. What you can do for a local treatment a (joint) use sealant and repair damaged areas with ‘repair tapes. See More Reviews About Outdoor world

Monasticism leakage is usually good remedy. Fore sail cloth and synthetic species (nylon, polyester) is special tape for sale. Leaky seams of cotton tents can impregnate by weather waterproof.

Maintenance of the tent after use
Part of the maintenance can often begin on the last day of the holiday. Failing that, then there is nothing for it but to do it at home. Clean mud, splash guards, and windows with lukewarm water and let the tent dry. Beat the dirt from the inside of the tent and remove it with a soft brush. Make the groundsheet, pegs and pegs and let them dry. Take sticks with a damp cloth and let dry.

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